How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally – Causes, Symptoms, & Common Treatments

What is Cellulite?

how to get rid of cellulite

Cellulite is a condition that affects mostly women around their early twenties and mid thirties. Most people want to know how to get rid of cellulite even though this problem won’t cause any major harm or isn’t life threatening.

It is the collection of fat deposits that develops under your skin that causes cellulite to develop. This condition normally develops mainly around the thighs and buttocks area on the body.

You don’t have to be overweight or obese to experience cellulite as even women that are considered thin and in shape can fall victim to this persistent skin problem. However, cellulite can get much worse if you develop more fat in the affected area.

This condition will make your skin develop dimples and lumps that doesn’t make the appearance of your skin look good. When you are trying to get rid of cellulite you need to learn what exactly causes it and how to prevent the problem.

What Causes Cellulite?

how to get rid of cellulite fast

Cellulite is caused by collagen fibers (connective tissue) and fat cells. The collagen fibers in women run vertically which creates pockets for fat cells to grow into and push up onto the skin producing dimples that we know as cellulite.

Men on the other hand are less likely to develop cellulite because the collagen fibers in men run in a crisscross pattern that prevents the fat cells from growing and creating dimples and lumps in the skin.

When we are younger our connective tissue is more elastic and easily able to stretch so our skin can stay smooth. As we get older various factors will cause the connective tissue to become tougher and less elastic. Meanwhile, fat cells will continue to increase in certain areas (usually the lower part of the body) and put outward pressure on the skin. Eventually the connective tissue will begin to pull down on the skin while the fat cells continue to push upward producing cellulite.

This is the reason why the appearance of cellulite will continue to get worse as you get older. There are a number of factors that can lead to the weakening of your connective tissue which will ultimately lead to cellulite developing.

One of the main things that causes your connective tissue to weaken is a lack of oxygen and nutrients due to blood flow. Some women will start to experience lower estrogen levels once they reach a certain age, which leads to poor performance of blood vessels (mainly in the lower body). This will cause the blood circulation in your body to decrease and cause your collagen to weaken.

Heredity is the primary reason why some women end up with cellulite. If somebody in your family has experienced problems with cellulite there is a good chance you’ll develop it too. Other factors that can lead to cellulite include:

  • Diet
  • Metabolism
  • Hormones
  • Excessive Body Fat
  • Lack of Physical Activity
  • Dehydration

What Can Make Cellulite More Visible?

If you have lighter skin your cellulite will be more visible than if you had darker skin. Cellulite will also be less noticeable if you have thicker epidermis, which is the top layer of the skin. If your epidermis is thick it will prevent the skin from developing the dimples and lumps that are associated with the appearance of cellulite.

Some women make their cellulite worse by wearing underwear that is very tight which will stop proper flow of blood circulation to the buttocks and thighs. Your skin type, ethnicity, and age are other things that play a huge role in how noticeable your cellulite is and how much of it you end up developing.

How To Prevent Cellulite?

what causes cellulite

Even though there might be nothing some women can do to stop cellulite from developing there are certain actions that can be taken to prevent it from developing too early or reduce the appearance of the dimples and lumps.


Changing up your diet is one of the first things you can start doing to get rid of cellulite and prevent it from developing in the first place. When you eat too much processed foods, foods high in sugar, oily foods, and other stuff considered junk food it will slow down your metabolism and increase the likelihood of developing cellulite.

Your body has a much harder time breaking down fatty foods than more natural foods. The fatty foods that don’t get broken down correctly by your body will accumulate and turn into cellulite.

Along with eating more natural foods drink at least eight glasses of water daily to help get rid of the cellulite toxins from your body. Quit smoking and drinking coffee since the both of these can restrict your blood flow allowing more toxins in the body to be absorbed by fat cells.

Start eating more fruits and juices to help improve your daily fiber intake, which will help prevent the development of cellulite. Try not to eat too much carbs at dinner because carbohydrates are hard to break down while you sleep at night.

Get Active

Getting more active is one of the top ways along with your diet to preventing and reducing cellulite. Get more active by performing cardio exercises like running, cycling, swimming, or even walking. The more you exercise the more you’ll sweat out the toxins in your body that are causing the appearance of cellulite.

Get in the habit of working out at least 3 times each week to help burn fat and prevent or reduce the appearance of dimples. You can also start playing sports like volleyball or tennis to help get more active, which will lead to a decrease in fat deposits, softer connective tissues, and improved blood flow.

Weight training or weight lifting is another excellent exercise for reducing and preventing cellulite. Using weights to workout will help you build muscle that will help tighten up your connective tissues so the appearance of dimples and dents are avoided.

Some women are hesitant to start building muscle because they are afraid of looking too masculine. However, building muscle is essential to toning up your body and skin so cellulite can’t present itself.

You don’t have to start weight training like a professional bodybuilder to successfully prevent cellulite. A simple and light weight training routine each week is more than enough to replace fat with firm muscle to smooth out lumpy skin caused by this condition.

Increase Blood Flow

As mentioned earlier poor blood circulation is a huge cause of cellulite formation. If your blood circulation is good it will prevent the body from absorbing fat correctly making it push up to the surface of the skin producing the appearance of dimples.

Getting a good massage in the areas like the lower body that normally develop cellulite can help prevent and reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving the circulation of blood.

Along with massaging an area to improve blood flow you can also use hydrotherapy to achieve the same results. Hydrotherapy involves utilizing hot and cold applications to a specific area on your body to increase blood circulation. The better the blood flow of your body the less fat cells it will develop.

How To Get Rid of Cellulite?

how do you get rid of cellulite

When it comes to treatment there are a lot of options out there. Many people become frustrated when they try various cellulite treatments and don’t achieve much success. Factors such as aging, genes, race, and hormones makes getting rid of cellulite out of your control.

What Is The Best Natural Cellulite Treatment?

By far the most popular question we get on our website is how to naturally get rid of cellulite permanently instead of using useless and expensive creams and pricey surgery that can make the cellulite worse than they initially were.

When people ask us what is the best natural cellulite treatment to effectively remove cellulite and keep them from appearing again we almost always recommend:

Truth About Cellulite

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We were so pleased with the results that we reached out to Joey Atlas and had the pleasure of working with him for a short while. Joey always keeps his word and delivers real results with his product.

There is so much misleading information out there when it comes to natural cellulite treatment it is easy to get overwhelmed.

So after continually being asked by some of our regular subscribers we decided to strip down 6 of the most popular natural cellulite treatment systems to see which ones actually worked. It wasn’t a surprise that most of them were complete Trash.

In the end, only 2 made the cut. These 2 all natural programs provide all the information and resources needed to permanently get rid of cellulite quickly, safely, and in a cheap way.

Truth About Cellulite
Cellulite Factor

Most of our subscribers went with our number 1 recommendation and tried the Naked Beauty aka Truth About Cellulite and had great success with it. The natural method provided by this cellulite reduction program helped most of our subscribers permanently get rid of their cellulite within pretty short time.

Joey Atlas, the creator of this program and accomplished fitness and exercise physiologist with clientele who have proven results that are shown in magazines, knows his stuff when it comes to removing unattractive cellulite dimples without surgery or other expensive methods.

The Cellulite Factor is is a fairly new cellulite reduction program created by Dr. Charles Livingston who has personally helped thousands of patients get rid of cellulite through his private practice.

At first glance we didn't think much of this program but during our research we were pleasantly surprised by the in-depth information and proven techniques provided. The techniques are valid and the ideas do work... and I only know this because we have been using some of them for years.

What's Inside?

The program goes right into showing you how to get rid of your cellulite using the Symulast Method, which is a muscle layer stimulation that will help you get rid of cellulite by using simple body movements and exercises that target the lower areas of your body like your legs, buttocks, and abdomen where cellulite normally shows up. Joey your fitness trainer aims to firm up and decrease the fat deposits in those areas, which will lead to the reduction of cellulite dimples.

The best part is you don't need any kind of gym equipment or exercise machines to get started with this program. You will perform the Symulast Method for about 26 to 36 minutes for 3 sessions every week.

The Truth About Cellulite will show you how to focus on certain muscles in your body that are naturally weaker so they'll be able to support the skin tissue that are just above them and push them outward, leading to less visible cellulite. After about 4 weeks of performing these sessions you will see a huge difference and decrease in the appearance of cellulite.

Our users didn't have to wait long to see results as they began noticing the cellulite disappearing within the first 2 weeks of applying the methods in this program. Most of our subscribers managed to completely reduce their cellulite in 4 weeks.

The part our subscribers liked the most about this all natural program is the fact that it was 100% painless and very cheap compared to other cellulite reduction methods out there.It was like night and day compared to the expensive and ineffective creams and surgical procedures recommended by doctors.

What's Inside?

The program is packed with detailed instructions and videos on what cellulite is, how it develops, and the techniques to get rid of it. In this natural cellulite treatment program you'll get the best exercises and diet to remove cellulite fast.

Cellulite Factor will teach you to remove cellulite through detoxification, eating properly, anti-cellulite supplements, and special techniques like coffee grind wrap and how to make a special anti-cellulite drink known as the lymph drink; plus a key cellulite reduction secret we can't reveal here.

The subscribers who experienced great results with this natural treatment system liked the simple step by step procedures. Over a 3 week period their results were hardly bad and within the first 4 weeks of applying the methods they achieved great results.

However, their results weren't as impressive as the results achieved by subscribers who used the techniques in the Truth About Cellulite.

Cellulite Factor does work but I'd advise you to read our conclusion before taking action.


  • Get Rid of Your Cellulite in 4 weeks.

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  • The Cellulite Factor Daily Meal Plans, a healthy 2-week meal plan that uses many different foods so that you do not need to avoid your favorites.

  • The Cellulite Factor Cookbook with 70 recipes for eating healthy and good foods.

  • The Food Diary Log includes the nutritional value and other details about the foods you consume.

  • A Movement (Exercise) Log to help in reducing cellulite and reshaping your cellulite rich areas such as thighs and abdominal wall.

  • The Grocery List that gives you the list of healthy foods, even condiments, which need to be purchased to help you lose cellulite dimples faster.

  • It also includes more information about the foods you eat.

  • The Toxin Avoidance Handbook lists the ways to give your body a total cleanse so as to flush out toxins as well as to avoid toxins whenever possible.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

This anti-cellulite program will get rid of your cellulite within 4 weeks or you can return it for a full refund no questions asked.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

This anti-cellulite program will get rid of your cellulite within 4 weeks or you can return it for a full refund no questions asked.

The Conclusion…..

To Sum it All Up… there is a lot of reputable information in the  Cellulite Factor System. However, if you want a more complete treatment system to reduce the appearance of cellulite you should definitely go with Truth About Cellulite system.

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Consistently applying cellulite cream to affected areas like your thighs or buttocks will help remove excessive fat cells and smooth out your skin. Even though there is no proof that these creams are effective at removing cellulite, they are said to contain ingredients like aminophylline that will help increase circulation beneath the skin and help with tightening and firming up areas of the skin where there are issues.


Liposuction is a surgical procedure that will eliminate fat deposits that are deep under the skin. Most people avoid liposuction because it can be a costly procedure and can make the appearance of the cellulite worse. If you don’t mind spending a few thousand or more, and using blades and lasers to cut open your skin and dissolve the fat tissues then this can be one treatment option you can consider.


This treatment involves using a hand roller to massage the areas on your skin you are seeing dimples and lumps. You will need to use this method to massage the affected area consistently for about 10 or more sessions. As you can imagine these sessions can add up and get expensive.


This treatment uses injections of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids into the skin to help reduce fat tissue by breaking it down. This treatment option can be effective in some cases, but also carries some side effects like swelling and infections. Moreover, this treatment procedure hasn’t been approved by the FDA and can cost a lot of money.


This treatment is done in spas by wrapping up the problem areas tightly with some ingredients to assist with removing toxic build up that causes cellulite to appear. This cellulite treatment is temporary because of the removal of excessive fluid. Using wraps for removing the appearance of cellulite can cost thousands of dollars.

Anti-Cellulite Foods

These are just some of the many traditional treatments for cellulite out there. These treatments are expensive and only produce short term results. If you are looking for a cheaper and sometime more effective alternative check out these foods and home remedies:


what gets rid of cellulite

Oranges naturally contain methoxylated bioflavonoids that have great anti-cellulite, anti-scarring, and anti-inflammatory properties. The bioflavonoids will also help increase blood circulation to stop cellulite from developing. Oranges are rich in vitamin C which will help repair and rebuild the appearance of your skin. The vitamin C in oranges will naturally help generate new collagen that helps keep your skin more elastic and subtle.



Eating apples will help smooth out your skin and reduce cellulite because of the high water content that apples contain. Also, the fiber naturally found in apples will help remove skin toxins that are known for causing the formation of cellulite.



Tomatoes contain great antioxidants and lycopene that will help smooth out dimples and bumps associated with cellulite. Add more tomatoes to your diet and start increasing the antioxidants in your body to fight off cellulite.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids


Omega 3 fatty acids can help make the appearance of cellulite look better by increasing the health of your blood vessel, which will improve your blood circulation. As stated above increasing blood circulation in your body will help reduce cellulite. Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids are fatty fishes like salmon, trout, or sardines. Olive oil and some nuts like walnuts are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

Home Remedies


cellulite home remedies

The caffeine in coffee makes it one of the most effective home remedies for cellulite. The reason coffee is so good at removing cellulite is because the caffeine it contains will increase fat metabolism and help absorb excessive liquid and fat tissue from your skin once applied.

The caffeine will also help strengthen blood vessels, improve blood circulation thanks to its antioxidants. The antioxidants from the caffeine will get rid of toxins that help cause the appearance of cellulite and smooth the lumps in your skin.

To do this home remedy it is recommended you use fresh ground coffee. Some women will mix warm coffee grounds with a little olive oil and wrap the mixture around the affected area using plastic wrap.

You can also rub some olive oil into the the affected area on your skin and make the coffee mixture. To make the mixture combine some fresh coffee grounds and mix it with a little bit of brown sugar and then apply the scrub to the problem areas on top of the olive oil. Allow it to sit for a while before rinsing off.

Apple Cider Vinegar

get rid of cellulite naturally

Apple cider vinegar can help you get rid of cellulite by improving your body’s metabolism so you can break down fatty acids that cause cellulite. Also, apple cider vinegar will help with improving your blood circulation so that toxins that lead to cellulite don’t accumulate.

Mix some of the apple cider vinegar with some water and then drink it prior to eating your meals each day. Along with consuming the vinegar apply it directly to the affected areas on your skin to gradually improve your skin’s appearance. To make the apple cider vinegar more effective mix it with a massage oil like chamomile and apply it gently to the affected areas on your skin.

Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is easily absorbed by the skin and has been known to help improve the appearance and texture of the skin. By massaging the coconut oil regularly into problem areas it’ll help break up the build up fatty deposits that lead to the unsightly dimples caused by cellulite. Pick up some 100% coconut oil at your local health food store and apply it daily to make the appearance of your skin smoother and softer. You can also consume the coconut oil to help the appearance of your skin inside and out.